What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

We cannot say enough great things about American eWarranty. Their customer support and assistance on getting our home fixed was top notch, and they followed through to the very end to make sure we were very well taken care of. Thank you American eWarranty for everything!


-Kacey, Texas



We appreciated the attention that the American eWarranty adjuster gave to our issues. He explained clearly that although most of the issues were under warranty, a couple were not. This was a big help as we worked toward a resolution.


-Pete, Oklahoma



Our builder provided this 10 year warranty as part of the package deal when buying the house. About a year later, we had an problem with a leaking pipe and the builder suggested we contact eWarranty to determine if it was under the warranty. They showed us where in the warranty it said this was a warranted issue. They also volunteered to contact our builder to discuss this. Later that day our builder called us and came out the next day - problem fixed.


-Linda, New Jersey

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